For the past 4 years I have taken the dance program offered at my high school. I love being able to just let lose and express myself without ever needing to say a word. Throughout the semester our teacher teaches different dances and at the end of the semester the 4 dance classes (that’s almost 120 dancers) put on whats called a dance gala. This is where each class is given the opportunity to show what they learned throughout the year. It is also like a final exam for the course. This year in my grade 11/12 class we did four dances, African, Musical Theatre, Hip hop, and Jazz. I think I would have to say that myMuscial Theatre Number. favorite one to dance and to watch was the African number. This number was very physically demanding but was worth it. This number along with our hip hop number got great reviews from parents and fellow spectators. This years dance gala was held the first week of June. We had 5 shows in 4 days. This is one of the many things I am going to miss about high school.

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