Me to We has a social mission:To support the important work of their corporate partner Free the Children. Free the Children receives half of Me to We’s annual net profit. Last year alone (2010) $1 million was donated to Free the Children in cash and in-kind services. Donations received from Me to We are used to lower Free the Children’s already low administrative costs.

Me to We is a social enterprise: With offering goods and services, like sweatshop-free clothes, socially conscious media, environmentally friendly products, inspiring speakers, leadership training and life changing travel experiences, to people of all ages.

Me to We is a philosophy: ‘Each of us can help to change the world through the daily choices we make.’ By providing environmentally sustainable and socially conscious choices, Me to We helps individuals make a lifestyle shift to create a more just and humane world. Just some of the groups’ impacts include:

  • 208,037 gallons of water saved by printing on post-consumer waste recycled paper Over 90,000 trees planted to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Hundreds of thousands of pounds of pesticides saved by using only organic cotton in Me to We clothing
  • 400 mothers were employed full time by Me to We in developing communities
  • 275,000 people were inspired by Me to We through speakers, books and leadership programs in 2010 alone
  • Participants on Me to We trips served 145,000 volunteer hours.

For more information make your way over to the official website.

Now that I have told you a little about the group and what THEY do to help Free the Children I would like to talk about my involvement in both groups. When I was in grade nine (in2007) I joined the Me to We group that was at my school. For that year and the following year our group did many different fundraisers (bake sales, book sales, bottle drives etc) to try and support both Free the Children as well as Me to We. After two years of fund raising, our school (along with many others were given the opportunity to travel to Vancouver and participate in ‘We Day’. This was such an amazing day for our whole group; just being about to see all the other youth that were there and wanted to make a difference was enough for us to want to help, but then you get all those motivational speeches and you want to do all that you can to be apart of the change.

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