Me to We has a social mission:To support the important work of their corporate partner Free the Children. Free the Children receives half of Me to We’s annual net profit. Last year alone (2010) $1 million was donated to Free the Children in cash and in-kind services. Donations received from Me to We are used to lower Free the Children’s already low administrative costs.

Me to We is a social enterprise: With offering goods and services, like sweatshop-free clothes, socially conscious media, environmentally friendly products, inspiring speakers, leadership training and life changing travel experiences, to people of all ages.

Me to We is a philosophy: ‘Each of us can help to change the world through the daily choices we make.’ By providing environmentally sustainable and socially conscious choices, Me to We helps individuals make a lifestyle shift to create a more just and humane world. Just some of the groups’ impacts include:

  • 208,037 gallons of water saved by printing on post-consumer waste recycled paper Over 90,000 trees planted to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Hundreds of thousands of pounds of pesticides saved by using only organic cotton in Me to We clothing
  • 400 mothers were employed full time by Me to We in developing communities
  • 275,000 people were inspired by Me to We through speakers, books and leadership programs in 2010 alone
  • Participants on Me to We trips served 145,000 volunteer hours.

For more information make your way over to the official website.

Now that I have told you a little about the group and what THEY do to help Free the Children I would like to talk about my involvement in both groups. When I was in grade nine (in2007) I joined the Me to We group that was at my school. For that year and the following year our group did many different fundraisers (bake sales, book sales, bottle drives etc) to try and support both Free the Children as well as Me to We. After two years of fund raising, our school (along with many others were given the opportunity to travel to Vancouver and participate in ‘We Day’. This was such an amazing day for our whole group; just being about to see all the other youth that were there and wanted to make a difference was enough for us to want to help, but then you get all those motivational speeches and you want to do all that you can to be apart of the change.

Till next time… xoxo

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My mother LeAnne and myself finally ventured down to Kelowna to go dress shopping. Let me tell you, there are some really lovely dresses out there. We started at the mall. We went to Le Chateau and found a couple I really liked. They both happened to be blue.  (in case you didn’t know, my favorite colour is blue 🙂 ) Every good shopper knows you can’t just stop one place; so we made our way a little further in the mall and found an awesome little store called Maggie Mcflys. This shop has a very nice, caring, warm vibe to it. I looked through the dresses and fell in love with one right away. The gown was a little out of my budget so we talked to the manager and she said she could gladly help. So, after falling in love with the one dress, it was suggested that I check out a few bridal shops down town.

Once downtown we found a beautiful little shop called ten fashions; as soon as we entered we were greeted with a smile and someone willing to help. Again, looked through the dresses and found THE ONE! They had Many beautiful gown but this one was ‘the one’. I fell in love with the dress as soon as I saw it. Oddly enough I had seen it in the other store but they only had it in a size 2 sizes too large so I was not interested. But today I found my pageant dress! Feel free to To go to their website or look them up on Facebook.  xoxo

Till next time…

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For the past 4 years I have taken the dance program offered at my high school. I love being able to just let lose and express myself without ever needing to say a word. Throughout the semester our teacher teaches different dances and at the end of the semester the 4 dance classes (that’s almost 120 dancers) put on whats called a dance gala. This is where each class is given the opportunity to show what they learned throughout the year. It is also like a final exam for the course. This year in my grade 11/12 class we did four dances, African, Musical Theatre, Hip hop, and Jazz. I think I would have to say that myMuscial Theatre Number. favorite one to dance and to watch was the African number. This number was very physically demanding but was worth it. This number along with our hip hop number got great reviews from parents and fellow spectators. This years dance gala was held the first week of June. We had 5 shows in 4 days. This is one of the many things I am going to miss about high school.

Till next time..

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Armstrong. A very small,  loving community in the North Okanagan. Armstrong is a place where you can walk down the streets and almost always be guaranteed to see at least one person you know. It is so small we don’t even have a streetlight in town. Since moving here in 2005, I grew to love the scenery, people and things to do. For being such a small community there is quite a lot to do, just a few of my favourites being, going to the new out door swimming pool that was just completed last year, attending lacrosse and other sporting events in our newly built arena, as well as walking to the local farmers market.

The new arena was built about a year ago and was quite the upgrade from our previous one. Which is still used. Many activities happen at the Norval arena all year round, from public skating, hockey and figure skating to lacrosse and roller derby practices.

Just a few blocks away, the local farmers market runs every Saturday from April until October,  locals bring their produce and crafts, such as eggs, baked goods, fruits, veggies, wood work, jewellery, and some weeks we even get singers and dancers performing. This is a great place to find good deals and meet friends (both new and old).

Armstrong is also a great place for children, young and old. You can bring your children to 1 of the 3 elementary school’s playground,  the playground in the park, the skate park (if they are a little older), or the swimming pool.  Here your children can meet and make new friends very easily. Everyone in this town is very nice and excepting.

Every year at the end of summer Armstrong holds a very popular and LARGE country fair called the Interior Provencal Exhibition ( IPE ).  There is fun for the whole family all week long.  The IPE is a real old time country fair with livestock, midway rides, displays, exhibits, parade, a music stage, entertainment, CPRA wrangler tour finals (The Rodeo), and educational demonstrations every day.

As well as being a caring community, Armstrong is also very ‘artistic’, we have 2 performing arts theatres, one being the Caravan Farm Theatre which is located just NW of Armstrong. This seasons performance is William Shakespeare’s ‘A mid Summer Nights Dream’, which will run from July 19th to August 21st. The Caravan is one of a kind, in that all performances are held outside. (rain or shine) In the winter months a moving show is held, you ride in a horse and sleigh from scene to scene. The other is right in town; it’s called the Asparagus theatre.  We have had many different groups perform there; the most recent showing is the local middle schools ‘Aladdin’.

Along with fine arts comes… well, just art. While in Armstrong you could visit our small museum and/or our art gallery. Armstrong Spallumcheen Museum and Arts Society was incorporated in 1974. Since that time, the organization has become the cornerstone of arts and heritage in Armstrong, preserving our community’s history and supporting the arts.

After visiting these great centres you may want to relax a little. Another great thing my small hometown has to offer is a few different choirs. Both youth and adult choirs gather and make lovely tunes and put on performances.

For those nature lovers out there, the Okanagan is a great place to be. We have the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.  I am not just speaking in the spring summer months. There are many mountains around that in the summer you can hike and bike while in the winter you may ski or snowboard.

If you are ever in Armstrong and need legal aid, I know just the company for you.  Blakely and company helped when I went out in search of sponsors. He is very community minded and has help other youth and community projects. (

Lastly I would like to tell you about a lovely place my mother took me just after she adopted my younger brother and me. It is a look out located just outside of Vernon (30 minutes from Armstrong) on the old high way. Being the old highway not very many people use the road or know about this beautiful place. I love being able to just go up there look over Vernon and let loose, relax, and just think.

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Hello, I’m Kathy Emery from Armstrong, and I’m really interested in traveling, camping, basketball, dance, and hairdressing.

I have Traveled to California at age 9 (for Disney land of course 🙂 ),  Thailand when I was 13, Disney World in Florida With my family in the summer of 2010, England, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium when I was 17 with my high school, and The Bahamas for my 18th Birthday this past March. As you can see I love to travel. It has been a passion of mine since a young age. I look forward to all my future travels.

I have been camping for the past 6 years, and I absolutely love it. There’s nothing more amazing then being able to lounge around all day with your friends and family.  Camping gives me the opportunity to sit back and relax, but still be able to think about life.

I have been apart of my school’s basketball team since I was in grade 7, that’s 6 years! Again this is another activity that I love, I am able to just let go; I don’t have to think about anything but the game. Unfortunately, being in grade 12 this year was my last year playing high school ball. I want to thank my coach’s and all the girls I played with for all the help and inspiration; I don’t know if I could have made it so long without all your help.

Being a very active person, just basketball was not enough physical activity for me. So I enrolled into my school’s dance program, and have danced all sorts of dances for 4 years now. In these 4 years, I have been taught to show my emotions better, as well as act. In dance, it is not always about the emotions, but about playing a roll in a dance with a story.

Also, within my high school I am apart of the ‘Me to We’ group and ‘Journalism’ also known as ‘Yearbook’. I have been apart of the ‘Me to We’ group for the past 4 years, and attended 1 ‘We Day’ down in Vancouver. That was an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful to have been given, it was nice seeing all the other children out there that want to make difference in the world. Along with this group, I meet up twice a week with a few other people and we work on our schools yearbook. We take pictures, sort them, design pages etc. This years book is going to be the second yearbook I have helped with.

Another one of my passions in life is Hairdressing. I have enjoyed doing hair since I was a little girl. I remember from grade 2-4 I would always try to fit as many hair accessory’s as possible in my hair. So when I heard that my high school was going to offer a trades college course, I applied right away. I was accepted and completed a 10 month course. I look forward to hopefully getting a job in the industry.


Some of my favorites are:

  • Favorite colour: Blue
  • Favorite type of food: Chinese and Italian
  • Favorite movie: Dear John
  • Favorite animal: Dolphin
  • Favorite travel destination: Bahamas
  • Favorite number: 16
  • Favorite car: Mustang
  • Favorite household pet: Dog
  • Favorite sport: Basketball and Rugby
  • Favorite drink: Pepsi



None of this wold be possibly if it weren’t for the awesome healthy snacks from Shash Bread Co,
the help with our blogs from the Internet marketing firm PageOne, and of course the great group of organizers of the Miss Teen Canada Pageant.

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